Well, it’s exactly 10 days since my first blog diary entry, with all the details on what products and services I used to get the blog up and running, so I’m overdue for the promised update!

Blog Stats Update

(17 – 27 September)

  • Total page views:  Increased from 721 to 1494
  • Unique users:  Increased from 506 to 902
  • Facebook group:  Increased from 41 to 42 (woo hoo!)
  • Facebook page:  Increased from 28 to 42
  • Twitter:  Increased from 126 to 220
  • Instagram:  Increased from 51 to 99
  • Pinterest:  Increased from 4 to 27, but reach and exposure have really grown, more on that…
  • Email subscribers:  Increased from 0 to 7

Blog Changes

I’ve made a change to my theme.  I was using Divi by Elegant Themes, which I’ve used before and really like, but after having a good browse of the Elegant Themes offerings, I’ve changed to another one of their themes called Extra, which is very similar, but just has a few more options that are really good for blogs, such as masonry layout, related posts and that sort of thing.

It has the same drop and drag builder, and really is just like using Divi, just with, well EXTRA!  It does not, however, cost anything extra because of Elegant Themes’ annual subscription method, which gives you access to all of their themes and plug ins for one price.



Blog Promotion

I’ve focussed mostly on Pinterest and Facebook recently, but I do still post from time to time on Instagram and Twitter.


Well, obviously you should have a look at the Alive In The Middle Pinterest page and see the boards I’ve set up so far.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Pinterest, and I’ve really worked at building up and curating a wide range of quality pins that will be of value to my readers.

My secret in getting over 700 relevant, quality pins posted without having a mental breakdown is absolutely thanks to Tailwind.  Tailwind is a fabulous service that helps you keep track of pins, schedule your pins and more.  There is a free version, which is great to start with and learn, but I highly recommend upgrading to the paid version, which has much more features and lets you schedule far more pins.  Here, have a FREE MONTH which they’re kindly letting me pass on to you ladies.

I won’t reinvent the wheel with a full tutorial on how to use Tailwind, because they do that very well on their site!  The other feature of Tailwind, which I love, is Tailwind Tribes.  This is an absolutely free feature where you can collaborate with other bloggers to share each others’ pins.  I have set up a Tailwind Tribe for Alive In The Middle and any of you with your own blog are more than welcome to join it and we can support each other!  Here’s an invite – You’re Invited.

I’ve also set up an Alive In The Middle Community Board which you’re welcome to share your pins to.  Just click the link to find out how to join.


I’ve been having a ball engaging with other bloggers and other women in the over 40 age range.  I’m a member of around 10 groups, all of which are good fun and a great source of support and information.  I’ve been avoiding the “like for like” and “pin for pin” type threads, as I find them a bit pointless.  I much prefer working with a specific group of bloggers in a similar niche and really engaging with their posts and social media accounts.  Not only are we helping each other out a lot more, but I’m getting to know some fabulous ladies and their equally fabulous blogs!

The Alive In The Middle private Facebook group is going well and is a warm and welcoming place just to chat, ask for advice, share something funny or post a link to something interesting you read.  If you’d like to join all you have to do is pop your email address in the subscription box over on the top right and I’ll send you your personal invitation!


Blogging Courses

I’ve bitten the bullet and shelled out for some paid blogging courses which came very highly recommended, and I’m so glad I have!  I will tell you all about them soon, but it only seems fair that I finish the courses first, lol!  Let’s just say that I’m having a blast and learning SO much!


Part of what I’ve been learning has been how important it is to really get to know your readers, your niche, and what people you’re writing for really want to read, and what is going to be most useful to them.  It’s been really interesting so far, and it’s still a work in progress.  Hint – I may have to very slightly adjust the direction of this blog if I want to be valuable!  More on that in my next update, though.


*Disclaimer – this post does contain a few affiliate links, which, if you click and sign up, may provide a small commission to me, at no cost to yourself.  I thank you for your support if you do! *


If you’re also a blogger, have you had any wins, challenges, changes or inspiration this week?  If so, or if you have any questions on anything in this post do drop me a message in the comments below, I do love to read them!


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