I have struggled with makeup my whole life.  Well, except in the 80s when I rocked the blue mascara along with the best of them and had the baby-fresh, dewy skin of the teenager I was at the time.  So many women lack confidence in applying and wearing makeup, and it only gets more complicated as we get older.  Now we’ve got droopy eyelids, lines and dodgy skin tones to deal with, too!

Yes, we should embrace this stage of our lives, and all that comes with it, and we should love ourselves as we are.  That said, if you do want to enhance your best features and perhaps downplay others, makeup can be a great way to do this.

As I am clearly far from being a talented makeup artist myself, I’ve spent the day on YouTube researching hundreds of makeup tutorials for more mature women.  I’ve actually learned a lot, it’s been fun, and this post is all about sharing the best of the tutorials with you.


Natural Makeup Tutorial for Mature Women – by Kerry-Lou Hensen

This tutorial was so lovely, as Kerry-Lou used her own mother as her model.  Her mum is definitely a more mature aged woman, which is great, because so many of the tutorials around used women I thought barely looked 35, if that, lol!  It’s a natural, flattering look, and gives details of all of the products used.


MakeUp for Older Women: Face Makeup for a Fresh and Youthful Look – by Tricia Cusden

OK, this is basically an infomercial for the products used, so let me just clarify that I have no connection / affiliate anything to this company whatsoever.  I just thought it was a really good tutorial overall on the topic of preparing the skin and how to use foundation, concealer, etc.  The products do actually look pretty good, I think I may have to check them out.



Tips & Tricks for Makeup over 50 – by Lia Griffith


I really enjoyed watching this one.  The camaraderie between the ladies is lovely, and the makeup artist really goes into a lot of detail on how and why she’s doing all that she does.  I also love how she only uses organic and toxin-free products.  It is a longer video, but if you have the time, it’s well worth watching the whole way through.


Mature Makeup Look – by Lisa Eldridge


I adore this one, which is why I’ve included two of Lisa’s tutorials in this list.  This particular one is a bit more special occasion, it’s for a mum’s friend who is soon to be Mother of the Bride.  Again, Lisa really goes into detail on why she’s using particular products, and why some things work better on mature skin than others.  Also, she has the most gorgeous voice, which always helps!  We won’t talk about how easily she sticks those false eyelashes on, either, ok?

Fabulous Makeup for Women Over 50 – by Jamie Makeup


This one’s a bit different.  She throws the rulebook out, does eye makeup before foundation, uses shimmery stuff and gives not one bleep.  The thing is, it works!  Jamie also puts a major focus on hydrating the skin before starting, which is so important for ladies our age.  Again, she’s using her mother in law as a model, and that’s always so gorgeous.  The lighting is a bit strange in places, but stick with it, the final result is lovely.



Glowing,Youthful Day MakeUp Tutorial For Mature Skin – by Lisa Eldridge

Yup, I saved the best for last.  This tutorial is fabulous.  Both Lisa and her gorgeous model are amazing, and again, it’s refreshing to see a tutorial on Actually Mature Skin.  It’s a light, natural day look, but, as Lisa demonstrates at the end of the video, it could easily be touched up to work for a special occasion or night out.  She makes it look so easy, they all do, but this one in particular made me want to sit down and try this exact look out for myself.


So, there you have it.  My pick of some of the best and brightest makeup tutorials for mature skin YouTube has to offer.  I hope you find them useful, and inspire you to try out a few of the tips and tricks yourself.  I know I will.  My first one is definitely going to be to ditch the powder blusher and get a cream one.  I just love how they all used it as more of a natural tint / wash than a full on, carefully (pah!) negotiated thing of terror, like I do!

Another tip I got is to stop using the freaking powder!  It’s a hard habit to break, and I can see in photos of myself that sometimes I really do have that caked-on look.  I did get a new CC cream the other day (it’s Clinique and I love it) and am slowly breaking myself of the powder habit.  What slightly concerned me is that none of the models in these videos have circles under their eyes as dark as mine, so I may have to get professional help on that one.  Or get more sleep, either one.



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