Instagram is a funny old place, I think.  All you have is one image to say what you want to say, and that’s not always easy, especially if you’re not actually a fashion blogger, lol!

Here are a few of my favourite ladies over 40 from Instagram.  They just always seem to make me feel inspired, make me laugh, make me think, or desperately wish I was on vacation with them!



So, here’s her most recent post, just to give you an idea what she’s all about:



This woman makes me laugh on a daily basis, which I happen to like.  A lot.  She also blogs at Midlife Margaritas and I strongly suggest that you bookmark that site ASAP!  I also suggest you have a margarita (or your adult beverage of choice) in hand whilst reading.



As her bio says, she’s a 66 year old former fashion designer, and I just love, love LOVE her rocking’ style!  I was especially envious of her fabulous new boots, and how she paired them with a simple LBD and incredible black leather jacket.

So Much Style Envy!!  I still think I’d break my neck wearing those boots, but they look amazing.

Old Fashion Guru on Instagram


She also has a blog, of course, and you can find it at Old Fashion Guru.



This account is run by Sam and Mimi, and they’ve even written a book of the same title, which is currently sitting rather highly ranked on my Wishlist.  Here’s just one example of the drool-inducing pics and recipes they share on Instagram:


Midlife Kitchen on Instagram

You can find out more about them, as well as where to order their book, at The Midlife Kitchen.



Kerry’s Instagram feed is always just so darned pretty!  She shares lots of skincare and makeup posts, as well as beautiful shots of flowers and scenery, and the occasional fashion and style post.

Here’s a recent post with the OMG JimmyChoo shoes – I wonder how long did she wearing them, lol?

Kerry Life And Loves on Instagram


And, of course, you can find Kerry at her blog, too – Kerry, Life & Loves – which is as pretty, feminine and full of great tips as her Insta feed.



This gorgeous, tattooed mum and grandma with biceps to die for truly is an inspiration.  She isn’t afraid to lift weights, loves her functional training and has some glorious tattoos.  She also, as she says, seems to like taking bicep selfies in the gym change rooms, but who can blame her?

Forever Young Fitness on Instagram

So there you have it, just a few of the 40+ ladies who I look forward to seeing when I log on to Instagram.  There are, of course, heaps more, but that’s for another post!  Do you have any favourites you’d like to let me know about?  Please feel free to add a link to your own Insta page, or to any other fabulous 40+ Instagrammers.



Rocking Midlife Women on Instagram - some of my favourite Instagram ladies over 40