I’m so torn on kitchen design.  Part of me dreams of the ultimate minimalist kitchen where everything is hidden behind cunningly-disguised doors, and all that’s on display is one artfully-arranged sprig of rosemary and perhaps a small copper kettle.  I do love the clean feel and sleek lines of the modern minimal style, but somehow I can’t see it working for me.

I’m quite simply not clean and tidy enough.  There is no way in hell I’d keep a kitchen looking sleek and all-grown-up for more than an hour.  And I’d have to be out for that hour.

I love to cook, and when I cook I’m messy.  Yes, every pot and pan is out, chopping boards lie everywhere, as do mixing bowls, knives, random ingredients, piles of fresh veggies – you get the idea.  It’s a mess.

So, why not embrace that love of being surrounded by “stuff” and just go with a kitchen that can carry off that look.  Yes, obviously most of paraphernalia of cooking does need to be put away before smells get icky, but sometimes it’s nice to have the things you love to use on display.  To a point.

A friend mentioned on Facebook the other day that she’d just done one of those online quizzes about her home decor ‘style’ and that she got thrown into the “Eclectic Bohemian” category.  Knowing her as I do, that’s absolutely spot on, and I think it’s also very much my style when I discard the possibility of modern minimalism

So here are a few kitchens that have made me drool recently on Pinterest.  I’ve linked to the original source where it was provided, so if the image is not a clickable link, it’s just “as seen on Pinterest ”


Eclectic kitchen 3


Eclectic Kitchen 5

Eclectic Kitchen 7

Eclectic Kitchen 8

Eclectic Kitchen 9

Eclectic Kitchen 10

Eclectic Kitchen 11

Eclectic Kitchen 12


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Yes, I definitely get the appeal of the eclectic look – you really can have fun playing with it.  I honestly can’t decide which of the above is my favourite, but I’m leaning towards the one 5th from the bottom.  I love the look – it’s still quite modern, but totally unique.  Not sure about dusting the open shelves, though, argh!

Having an eclectic kitchen doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, of course.  A coat of paint, or, if you can swing it, a few new shelves or cupboard doors can get you started.  Then, budget permitting, you can totally revamp it with accessories like these ones which I’ve now got saved to a wish list for that day when I win the lottery!

OMG, I must have that checkerboard teapot!  Yes, I’ll even start drinking tea, if that’s what it will take (apologies to new coffee maker, I do still love you, don’t worry).
What about you?  Do you already have your dream kitchen, or is it still tucked away inside your imagination?  Do you prefer traditional, farm style, modern or something different?  Let me know in the comments 🙂
10 Stunning Eclectic Kitchen Designs