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Most fabulous Thai curry paste EVER!

While this Thai curry paste is, without doubt, fabulous, I’m not claiming it’s 100% authentic. I am not Thai and have never even been to Thailand, but it’s my favourite style of food on the planet.  This recipe is something I’ve played around with for years, much to the dismay of my children who often have to vacate the house during the “browning of the paste” stage of cooking.  I go heavy on the chillies, and am proud to do so.  In fact, ALL quantities in this recipe are totally adaptable, so play around and have some fun with...

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What does “middle aged” mean, anyway?

  Wikipedia, that font of all Actual Knowlegeable Factoid Stuff, tells us that worldwide, the average life expectancy at birth for women is 72 years and 8 months.  If my fading grasp of anything mathematical is correct, then the middle of this would be 36 years and 4 months.  Yes, yes I did use the calculator app on my phone for that, ok. I don’t think many 36 year olds would consider themselves to be middle aged, by any standards, although I had my 3rd child at that age, and was single, with 5 and 8 year old boys...

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