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Diary of a Blog – Episode 1

I’ve decided to keep track of my blogging activities and stats as I (hopefully) grow Alive In The Middle into a thriving, connected and happening blog community.  This is mostly for me, as I’m slightly obsessed with stats, facts and all things bloggy and geeky.  My chronic back issues have been playing up recently, so I have had little else to do but sit propped on a precisely stacked pile of cushions against the headboard of my bed – and work away on my laptop.  As a result, I’ve gotten quite a bit done in this last 2 weeks....

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Osteoporosis – How Weight Training Can Help

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an estimated 200,000,000 women worldwide suffer from osteoporosis, and that there is an osteoporosis-related hip fracture every 3 seconds.  They had heaps of other terrifying statistics HERE if you care to read a bit more.  I went to see the movie, It, yesterday, and trust me, this is much scarier.  I see the effects of osteoporosis every day in my own mother, who used to be taller than I am, and now she isn’t.  It’s a strange feeling, I can tell you! What Is Osteoporosis, Anyway? Well, it’s basically a weakening of the...

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The Sanctuary Bedroom

My dream bedroom is filled with natural light and natural materials – wood, stone, neutral colours, plush textiles, a bit of greenery – ahhhh, wouldn’t that be nice?  It would be a treat for all of the senses, simple, yet luxurious; practical, yet aesthetically pleasing.  There would be a gentle scent of fresh linen, the crispest of white sheets and… Oh, WHO the heck am I kidding here? In reality my bedroom is dark, cold, filled with boxes of stuff I have nowhere to store, and a bit more cat hair than is healthy, lol, but I do have...

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