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Makeup Tutorials For Mature Skin

I have struggled with makeup my whole life.  Well, except in the 80s when I rocked the blue mascara along with the best of them and had the baby-fresh, dewy skin of the teenager I was at the time.  So many women lack confidence in applying and wearing makeup, and it only gets more complicated as we get older.  Now we’ve got droopy eyelids, lines and dodgy skin tones to deal with, too! Yes, we should embrace this stage of our lives, and all that comes with it, and we should love ourselves as we are.  That said, if...

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Be FABULOUS, not frumpy

Well, the replies are in, ladies!  I gave you a survey the other day asking what issues bother you most in your post-40 lives, and weight came in #1 by a country mile, closely followed by health concerns.  I also asked you what you wanted to read about, and fashion / beauty as well as physical, mental and emotional health topped the list.  You asked, so you shall receive! Now, if I was going to write a post about how you could magically lose weight today and it would actually work, I’d probably be a zillionaire, lol.  This is...

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How Not To Apply False Eyelashes 101

Wow, I so went outside of my comfort zone today.  Not only did I buy false eyelashes and attempt to stick them on, but I videoed the whole sad, sad incident and am now sharing it with you.  Warts and all, my messy house-in-the-background and all. I’m sharing it not to convince you that false eyelashes are evil (they so are, but you’ll have to come to that realisation on your own) but to show you that not everyone knows how to apply them, and that’s it’s REALLY not as easy as those wanky YouTube vids by skinny Millennials...

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Diary of a Blog – S1E2

Well, it’s exactly 10 days since my first blog diary entry, with all the details on what products and services I used to get the blog up and running, so I’m overdue for the promised update! Blog Stats Update (17 – 27 September) Total page views:  Increased from 721 to 1494 Unique users:  Increased from 506 to 902 Facebook group:  Increased from 41 to 42 (woo hoo!) Facebook page:  Increased from 28 to 42 Twitter:  Increased from 126 to 220 Instagram:  Increased from 51 to 99 Pinterest:  Increased from 4 to 27, but reach and exposure have really grown,...

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